Thursday, 28 August 2014

One of Africa's richest women and chairman of Famfa Oil,
Mrs Folorunsho Alakija yesterday August 27th revealed
that she never went to a university, saying one does not
need a university education to make it in life. Mrs Alakija
said this while speaking with students of the University of
Lagos during the 2014 UN International Youths Day in
"I come from Ikorodu, Lagos state. I am married to a
dashing young lawyer of 70 years of age and we have
four grown up gentlemen and grandchildren. It has
not been a rag to riches fairytale. It has not been an
overnight phenomenon like some cases which you
find here and there all over the world. For as long as I
can remember, I had always wanted my own
business. Hard trying to tell you how I got
to where I am if you want those billions. Hard work,
diligence, persistence...days where you nearly gave
up but I chose not to give up." Continue...
It would have been easy to compromise but I chose
not to and I stayed focus. I could have stayed a
secretary as my father desired according to his plan
for me but I had bigger aspirations. I dreamt big. God
strengthened me and gave me wisdom. I had a
passion and burning desire to succeed. Being a
secretary, a banker, a fashion icon, a cooperate
promoter and printer, a real estate owner, an oil
magnate, that I can assure you was no easy feat.
Firm belief that what is worth doing is what doing
well or not doing at all. I took charge of my life with
the tools I have shared with you. I chose to become
born again at the age of 40. I chose to make a
covenant with God that if he would bless me I would
work for him all the days of my life. I chose to hold
on to the cross and look up to him every step of the
way. Today additional accomplishment includes a
wife of almost 40 years, a mother, grandmother,
ministry, counseling, outreach, NGO Rose of Sharon
Foundation for widows and Author, writer, author of
several inspirational books. All I say to the glory of
God. So I am 63 and I am not yet done. So what is
your excuse? I never went to a University and I am
proud to say so because I don't think I have done too
badly. You do not have to have a University
education to be able to make it so count yourselves
privileged to have that education as part of the
feather in your cap" she said.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The truck that crushed a woman to death this morning in
Lekki, Lagos (read here ), has been set on fire by an angry
mob. Other trucks in the area were also damaged. The
lady's husband (the guy in blue) is now at the scene.
Police and Local Government officials are also now on
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Beyonce and Jay Z can't go a day these days without one
report or the other about the state of their marriage. After
their appearance at the VMAs on Sunday night, The NY
Post hired a body language expert to analyze Beyonce and
Jay Z's body language during the award ceremony.
Below is what body language expert, Susan Constantine,
who works with a Florida court had to say;
Beyoncé’s face:
“She’s giving a false smile,” Constantine says. If she
were really happy, her eyebrows would be lifted and
her eyes would be more open.
Jay Z’s face
“This is what we call a flat face,” Constantine says.
“There’s no expression whatsoever.” Happiness
would be indicated by upturned corners of the mouth.
But he’s less strained than Beyoncé.
Their Eyes:
“Neither one of them is looking at each other,” says
body language expert Susan Constantine. “Their
interest is more in their daughter.”
Beyoncé’s hand over midsection
She’s blocking her stomach area — the home of
emotions in the body — indicating a feeling of
vulnerability. Were she feeling comfortable, she’d
expose her midsection.
Beyoncé’s hip
Her hips are angled away from her husband,
indicating disassociation. “In other [older] photos,
you see Beyoncé leaning into her husband,”
Constantine says.
Blue Ivy
Her hands are clasped in a prayer-like way.
Happiness would be indicated by raised arms and an
extended body. Instead, she’s making herself small.
“Maybe she’s praying her parents get back together,”
Constantine says.
Lol, Blue Ivy is not even spared...
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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Despite what many of think, Jennifer Lopez says she
doesn't sleep around. Speaking about her sex life since her
split from toyboy Casper Smart, J.Lo, 45, told Chelsea
Handler on Chelsea Lately that she likes being in a
relationship and has been celibate since her split
"I like being in a relationship. I'm not one to like
whore around and stuff like that - that's not my thing.
I just go on a connection with a person, you know
what I mean? I don't really plan things out, they just
happen. Maybe, I need to plan better?"
Meanwhile looks like she's reconciled with Casper, who
she broke up with in June after reports that he cheated on
her with a transgender. They were spotted togther in LA on
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This happened this morning somewhere in Lagos, someone
cced me on Twitter. Well done citizens :-)
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Read the police press statement below
The attention of the Nigeria Police Force has been
drawn to a press release issued, Friday, 22 nd August,
2014 by the spokesperson of the Nigeria Security and
Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), CSC Emmanuel Okeh,
in which he alleged that an unnamed Police Inspector
single-handedly “attempted to open fire” on the
Commandant-General of the NSCDC, Ade Abolurin
and over 200 of his committee members, including
representatives of the “Nigerian Army, EFCC, ICPC
and office of the Attorney-General of the Federation
among others.” Continue...
The allegation is being investigated by the Force and
the outcome will be made public soonest.
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Ondo state governor, Olusegun Mimiko is the latest
politician to decamp from his party to the ruling party. The
PDP is Ondo state today August 22nd confirmed that the
governor has now joined their party, decamping from the
Labour Party. The governor made his defection known to
his cabinet members and close political associates at a
meeting held at the government house in Akure the state
capital. Mimiko came into power on the platform of the
Labour Party.
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