Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Federal Government has alerted Nigerians of two confirmed falsified versions of Quinine Sulphate in circulation. Quinine sulphate is used in the treatment of Malaria.  A statement signed by the Director, Media and Public Relations of the Ministry of Health, Boade Akinola, states that the two falsified drugs contain zero active pharmaceutical ingredients. The statement added that the drugs are majorly being circulated in West and Central Africa, particularly in Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Akinola said one of the fake products was named Quinine Sulfate 300 mg with 1000 Tablets per container, Batch Number 10H05, expiry date 09/2018 and its date of manufacture is 09/2014. She stated that the drug manufactured by Novadina Pharmaceutical Limited, London, United Kingdom was first was discovered in Cameroon.
The other version of the fake drug was Quinine Sulphate 300mg with 100 Tablets per container; batch F4387, expiry date 11/18 and its date of manufacture is 12/14. She explained that the product was manufactured in India by CAD Pharm, and it was discovered in Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Akinola advised Nigerians to be vigilant and report to the nearest National Agency for Food and Drug Administration office anywhere the drugs were spotted including hospitals and pharmaceutical shops.
The ministry advised Nigerians to also report if they come  ac the following GSM no +234-8037881120, +234-8055056727 and +234-8035902679. “If you are in possession of these products, please do not use them.
“If you have taken this falsified product or if you suffer an adverse effect following its uptake, please seek immediate advice from a qualified healthcare professional and report the incident to NAFDAC.’’

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

NNPC workers suspend strike action

NNPC workers under the aegis of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, PENGASSAN and the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG, have suspended their strike action. The oil workers called for a strike following the restructuring of NNPC by the Federal government.
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A Spanish judge has been accused of offensive questioning after she asked a rape survivor if she had tried closing her legs when she was being sexually assaulted.
The comments were made as the alleged victim appeared in court in Vitoria, northern Spain, to make an initial rape allegation to the magistrate. The unnamed woman had told the court how a man had repeatedly violently abused her sexually and physically
Judge Maria del Carmen Molina Mansilla, in the Basque Country responded to the claim by asking the woman: "Did you close your legs and your other female organs?"
After a shocked silence, the woman, who is four months pregnant, responded with a simple "yes"
The offensive comment has sparked protests in a country where a shocking one in five women have been victims of assault.

The Clara Camoamor Association, a campaign group for victims of gender crime, asked the General Council of the Judiciary, which reviews the independence of judges in Spain, to suspend Judge Mansilla for her insensitive questioning.
A spokesperson for the campaign association, Blanca Estrella Ruiz said the remarks showed a clear prejudice towards disbelieving the rape victim and even blame her for the ordeal.
"The judge showed obvious disbelief of the testimony of the victim, questioned her without allowing her to answer and asked leading and offensive question. A clear example of this attitude is the judge's repeated questions to the victim on whether she made any attempt to resist aggression including asking her 'did she close her legs firmly?' and 'did she close all of her other female organs?' Such questions are not only unnecessary to the investigation but are completely offensive and violate the dignity of the victim."
Ms Ruiz explained that the incident was not the first time that the judge had appeared to make light of a victim's allegations.
"Unfortunately this is not an isolated act but such behavior by this judge. It is habitual and continuous. Other women have lodged complaints about the re-victimization they experienced in this court. Women are scared as to what might happen to them as a victim in this court and it is disincentivizing them to report such crimes." Mz Ruiz added.
The campaign group's psychologist added: "Here we are talking about institutional ill treatment. That is to say she was abused in her home and went on to search for help and has now also been abused by the judicial institution."
Spain's judicial authorities have since confirmed they are investigating the complaint. Officials at the Juzgado de Violencia sobre la Mujer Vittoria (Court of Violence against Women ) said the judge will not be commenting on the matter as the investigation continues.
Source: Daily Beast
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Power generation drops to 1,580 MW

Power generation in the country has dropped to 1, 580 MW in the last three days resulting in blackout presently being experienced in some parts of the country. Senior officials at Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, attribute the decrease in power generation to a partial system collapse at the Shiroro dam in Niger state and the activities of gas pipeline vandals in the Niger Delta region.
Residents of Lagos state have also been thrown into darkness in that last 4 days following a strike action by members of staff of the Ikeja Electricity distribution company who are protesting the disengagement of 400 of their colleagues who failed a competence test carried out by their management.
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A Nigerian man named Chakoli, who was abducted 7 days ago in Rawalpind, Charsadda, Pakistan was safely found by the police and three of his alleged kidnappers arrested.
Chakoli was found after a police action in Tungi’s area of Thekedar Anu Kali, Charsadda on Tuesday, March 8. The kidnappers (pictured) were also arrested during the action.
According to Tangi SHO Gul Shahid, police raided a house at Tekadar Korona area in Chakori. He added that the kidnappers had demanded a ransom money of Rs 10 million for the release of Chakoli from his friends and colleagues.
Chakoli was running a business in Rawalpindi and was abducted a week ago. He was handed over to Punjab police station after his release.
Source: Pakistan Observer
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FG probes 11,000 ghost workers

Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun yesterday revealed that 11,000 potential ghost workers have been identified in the payroll of the Federal government and are now being investigated. Adeosun made the disclosure while speaking to state house correspondents after the Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja.
According to Adeosun, this disclosure was made possible by the routine audit of all ministries, agencies and parastatals ordered by President Buhari.
This discovery comes after 23,000 ghost workers were discovered in February, saving the Federal government N2.29 Billion in salary
"On the issue of the ghost workers, of the 23,000 that we have removed from our payroll, we are now investigating another potential 11,000. Again we are using computer techniques to identify those who we need to investigate, so we are now looking at the second batch and as we resolve those cases we would inform you of the amount saved and the number of people removed “she said

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Friday, 4 March 2016

Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole, has asked for an unreserved apology from Senator Dino Melaye over his recent comments about him not marrying a Made in Nigeria woman. During the senate debate on promoting Made in Nigeria goods on Wednesday March 2nd, Dino said that Nigerian men do not like patronizing Made in Nigeria Girls and cited Oshiomole who is married to Iara from Cape Verde as an example. Oshiomole reacted to the comment via a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Peter Okhiria. The statement reads
“Our attention has been drawn to the unprovoked verbal assault launched by one Senator Dino Melaye on the Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, while making a contribution on the floor of the Senate on the need to patronize made-in-Nigeria goods. As a “nephew” of the Governor and members of the same party, we expected Senator Melaye to tender an unreserved public apology to the Comrade Governor, to no avail. It is an open secret that Senator Melaye cannot maintain a decent matrimonial home hence he could descend to this pedestrian level of using the hallowed chambers to “cargorise” women as if they were pieces of items for purchase. Any responsible individual that is truly worth to be called a Senator, a position that convokes respect, decorum and decent public conduct, should know the limits of his verbal diarrhea. The liberty of free speech guaranteed in the hallowed chambers does not impose lunacy on anyone to disparage other Nigerians, let alone pry into their matrimony in a very derisive manner. We had intended to ignore this uncomplimentary comment as one of the several empty displays of the Senator, but the fact that it tends to reduce women to pieces of tissue calls for this response. As we probed into Dino Melaye’s humanity, we were reminded that he is a man known for his vainglorious rodomontade and the childish display of his ostentatious lifestyle complements his love for foreign items. Many of such euro-centric mentality he has persistently displayed on social media, to underscore his materialistic eccentricity, hence his dialectical opposition to made-in-Nigeria goods. But an attempt at making women wear the garb of goods to be picked off the shelves was to take the issue to a ridiculous and irresponsible level. By delving into the private affair and marriage of the Comrade Governor, Senator Melaye has exposed himself as a simpleton and a court jester whose words and tactlessness cannot be taken seriously by matured people. We advise that Melaye should mend his ways with his ex-wife and concubines before coming to the village square to display his crass ignorance and emptiness to the Nigerian people. If he has anything to offer, Dino Melaye should concentrate on making good laws for the people of Nigeria rather than descend to a ridiculous level, thus displaying to the whole world his unworthiness to sit in the hallowed chambers of the Nigerian Senate".

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